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Malts Made with heart.

Our Story

Empire Malting Company is a small farm and producer of artisan malts. It is a woman owned farm-enterprise built from a mission to grow and create local ingredients.

The vision of barley growing in Empire became a spectacular reality in 2013, when a local farm family agreed to work with Alison to grow the first recorded malt quality barley in Empire. A product of the area’s immaculate spring sunshine and clean air, the grain's clean blonde character revealed the promise of exceptional malts.

The drive to ‘keep it local’ became a founding goal. The facility was rebuilt specifically for the Malthouse operation. All equipment and onsite storage was sourced from within the state, custom fabricated locally or in house by the owner. The Malthouse is currently built to produce over 8 tons of quality malts each week and is a reliable source of new beer ingredient options.

With all food grade systems, our malts are hand tended using heritage methods and modern technologies. The Malthouse is a 24/7 production, run by Alison with help from a crew of friends who all live in homes on the property.

Malts from Empire are authentically crafted by people who are inspired by the possibilities of small batch malting. The Empire Malting Company is proud to bring craft brewers the flavors of Northern Michigan.

Alison has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Agricultural Operations Management with

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Empire Malting Co., Empire MI.

You can also contact us by phone 352-226-1644 or email empiremalting@yahoo.com, or send us a message here: